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July 6 – 10:53 P.M.

When Jeremiah woke up from his seemingly long nap, the first thing he expected to see (besides Hex and Nolan or some other people arguing like usual) was the hotel at their resort.

Instead, he found himself not at a nice hotel, a resort or even that disgusting bus for that matter, but a classroom complete with neat and even desks, a chalk board, and at the front of the classroom, a teacher’s desk and a pile of grey bags.

What…?! He jolted up in his desk and looked to his left and right, where Dai and Luca were sitting. They, too, looked confused. This isn’t the hotel. Where are we-!

His eyes widened as he looked over at Cecilia who was sitting in the row to his left. She was wearing a collar-like device, a red blinking light at the front of it. At seeing this, his hands flew up to his neck and he found that he, too, had one of the odd collars on.

He tugged on the collar a bit to find that it wouldn’t budge; it was stuck around his neck as if someone had super glued it there. Still, he continued to pull at it in hopes of prying it off. However, he soon quit when someone from the front of the classroom spoke:

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, m’love~.”

Everyone in the eight rows of desk look toward the front of the classroom, where a short fat mad was standing. He had his arms crossed, staring out over the confused group, a smile plastered on his face. Before anyone could say a word, he spoke, laughing.

“Hello m’loves and welcome~!” the strange man uncrossed his arms and spread them out, chuckling. “I’ll be your host for this wonderful event, and as the host I do hope you enjoy your time here.” His grin widened. “I’m sure it will be quite enjoyable~.”

Enjoyable? This? Jeremiah looked around the classroom again, frowning. Unless this is our resort-

As if someone was listening to his thoughts, someone in front of Jeremiah rose their hand and spoke. “This isn’t our hotel…is it?”

In response to this, the host laughed loudly and recrossed his arms. “Hotel? Not at all, miss Greskn. This is the beginning of the game, m’dear.”

“Game?” Kean looked straight at the host, nervously wringing her hands.

“Yes~. The game~. I suppose I should explain, mmh?” He strode over to the large desk in front of the chalkboard and drummed his fingers against it. “You will all be competing in a…game. Not voluntarily, of course, but you honestly don’t have a choice.

This time, Shilo raised his hand. “Like Duck, Duck, Goose?”

The host laughed yet again. “No, mister Miller.”

Shilo blinked and leaned forward a bit.

Jeremiah slumped in his seat. He didn’t like the sound of that. Why bring someone to an island just to play some stupid game? If he wanted to do that, he would have simply stayed at the house. And how did this man know everyone’s names? He hadn’t seen that man before in his life.

“Now you’re probably wondering how you play, exactly.” The host walked back out from behind the desk and took a long look at everyone, his smile widening as he did so. “Perhaps I should demonstrate so everyone can get a good understanding of this~.”

He moved his coat a bit revealing a gun. Then, he grabbed it and whipped it in Cecilia’s direction, firing one, two, three shots at her head.

Cecilia slumped forward, blood hitting her once clean desk in what seemed like waves.

There was a simultaneous gasp from the group, a few of them scooting their desks back.

The host had everyone’s attention.

“The game,” the host chuckled, putting the gun back as if nothing had happened, “is the last man standing, to put it simply. The grand prize?” He laughed again as he finished.

”Your life~.”

Remaining Contestants: 23

HURGGGH. This chapter sucked worst than the last. I really just need to get that and the rules out of the way, and then it'll get interesting.

Also, I'm sorry I submitted this so fast. ;A ; I just fly right through these chapters. -sobs-

Thank you for reading!

Remaining Contestants -

1. Aiden
2. Ainsel
3. Angel (Manakel)
4. Aros Knightchaser
5. Avanii
7. Dai
8. Gigi Chase
9. Haruka Watanabe
10. Hex (Matthew Marr)
11. Jeremiah Dupont
12. Joxepa Adelheid
13. Juneathdis
14. Kean Greskn
15. Luca Bugliosi
16. Maft
17. Nolan Dezallen
18. Parsnip Corallus
19. Rorrim
20. Russell Winter
21. Scarlet Shinko
22. Shilo Miller
23. Shura
24. Toast

Eliminated -

6. Cecilia Ekdahl

Annnd all these character belong to their amazing owners. ;u ; Except for Cecilia and Haruka who belong to meee.
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